plasma ONE

For gentle and accelerated wound healing

plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GMBH is expert for modern plasma therapy, which is regarded as an important, future-oriented key technology in medicine. With plasma One, the innovation leader has developed a medical device that generates cold plasma (4th aggregate state) by ionizing the ambient air.

Cold plasma has been proven to reduce germs by 99.9% and is therefore an alternative to subcutaneously administered antibiotics or percutaneously applied disinfectants. In addition, plasma treatment stimulates blood circulation and cell division for sustained wound healing. Plasma One is used precisely in the treatment of chronic wounds as well as infectious and inflammatory skin diseases for accelerated wound healing. In dentistry, treatment with plasma One is particularly effective in acute periimplantitis and periodontitis.

General use is exclusively in battery operation with safety extra-low voltage. This excludes a high risk potential of mains-powered devices and guarantees immense flexibility. Thanks to its excellent electromagnetic compatibility, plasma One can be used variably in medical practices, hospitals and medical institutes.

Further information about plasma, treatment options, successes and contact options can be found on the other pages of our homepage.

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plasma ONE

Easy and safe use

Easy-to-use mobile treatment device, which can be delegated to staff and flexibly applied in daily medical practice.
plasma ONE is CE approved as a medical device (Class IIa) for use in surgeries and hospitals.

plasma ONE Quickanleitung Video
plasma ONE quick guide video

plasma ONE

Plasma therapy for everyday medical practice

With the plasma ONE medical device, approved in Germany, plasma therapy is now also available for your daily medical practice. Empirical treatment studies from clinical practice demonstrate effective treatment successes based on various indications in the fields of human medicine and dentistry.

Learn more about treatment studies from clinical practice:

Medical        Dental

plasma ONE

Custom device sets for your requirements

Geared especially to your specific medical requirements, we have put together a range of sets with different device configurations and various instrument probes for intra- or extra-oral treatment.


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