Competence and Research

Our entrepreneurial thinking and actions are driven by the mission to promote health in society as a whole as well as in each individual.

Therapeutic guidelines are implemented by a highly qualified R&D team at the company's headquarters in Bad Ems, Germany. Independent accredited testing laboratories have confirmed our technological and clinical results.
Scientific competence is supported by collaborations with international university hospitals and treatment facilities.

plasma ONE has been certified by international notified bodies according to the guidelines of the German Medical Device Act and the latest, strict IEC standards.

Additional studies are providing further insights into the mode of action of cold plasma with respect to antimicrobial properties and wound healing effects.
Please refer to the research of e. g. Morfill, Kogelschatz, Schutze, Stoffels, Fridman, Vioel, Brok and Tendero, who examined the physical and chemical aspects of cold plasma at atmospheric pressure.

The collection of the latest data from research literature, whether it be the findings of clinical studies or safety-relevant and pre-clinical data, was performed according to the recommendation of the European Union, pursuant to the guideline MEDDEV 2.7.1 in its applicable and revised version dated December 2009.

Overview of our clinical evaluation
Upon request we will gladly provide you with a complete clinical evaluation!
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Literatur Gleiche klinische Zweck- bestimmung Gleicher Anwen- dungsbereich am menschli- chen Körper Ähnliche Patienten- population Follow-up- Studie Verweis Link Tabelle 2 Qualifikation Autoren Seite 8 von 16 Verweis Link Tabelle 1 Technische Daten Seite 2 von 16
Decolonisation of MRSA, S. aureus and E. coli by cold-atmospheric plasma using a porcine skin model in vitro ja ja Nein Ex-Vivo Ja nach 24 h nach 48 h 1 4
A first prospective randomized controlled trial to decrease bacterial load using cold atmospheric argon plasma on chronic wounds in patients. ja ja Ja 36 Patienten Ja nach 8 Tagen 2 5
Successful and safe use of 2 min cold atmospheric argon plasma in chronic wounds. Results of a randomized cont- rolled trial. ja ja Ja 24 Patienten Ja Nach 3 Tagen 2 4
Medizinisch nutzbare Effekte durch eine dielektrisch behin- derte Entladung (DBD): Untersuchungen zu Anwendungssi- cherheit und Therapieoptionen ja ja Nein Ex-vivo in-vivo Tierversuch Ja nach 48 h nach 96 h 5 2
Antiseptische Wirksamkeit von Tissue tolerable plasma(TTP) im Vergleich zu zwei Wundantiseptika an artifiziell bakteriell kontaminierten Augen von Schlachtschweinen ja nein Nein ex-vivo Nein nur Vergleich mit anderen Antiseptika 4 1

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