What is plasma?

In addition to the three states of matter, solid, liquid and gas, physical plasma is described as a fourth state.

When adding energy, a gaseous material at room temperature is transformed into the fourth state of matter, physical cold plasma, as follows: oxygen and nitrogen turn into highly effective, reactive components; the atomic parts are electrically charged. In atmospheric plasmas, extremely reactive radicals such as superoxide radicals, hydroxyl radicals, nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and atomic oxygen are created. These components have a antimicrobial effect on bacteria and they help accelerate wound healing through improved circulation and stimulation of cell proliferation.

plasma ONE from plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS® requires no admixture of noble gases such as argon but relies solely on ambient air for ionisation and plasma generation. The plasma ONE energy controller supplies direct current to the converter. In the converter, this direct current is transformed into high frequencies, which are channelled through the tip of the glass instrument probe. An electric field forms between the patient's skin and the instrument probe, which ionises the atoms or molecules, thus generating the cold plasma.

The bacterial cell walls directly exposed to the plasma are negatively charged by the bombardment of electrons contained in the plasma, creating the antibacterial effect. Due to electrostatic repulsion, this leads to mechanical tensions until the ultimate tensile strength is exceeded and the cell walls are destructed.

How does plasma ONE work?

How does plasma ONE work?
By ionising the ambient air, plasma ONE creates cold plasma which provides a quick, safe and pain-free method to destroy germs without harming human tissue in the process. The plasma treatment also stimulates circulation and promotes cell division for lasting accelerated wound healing.

Areas of application
Using physical plasmas, wounds can be disinfected without medication or surgical debridement. Compared to the use of antiseptics, antibiotics and bandages for pain relief or combating infections, plasma treatment offers more positive effects in germ reduction and wound healing. The therapy is pain-free and requires only very brief treatment sessions. This leads to whole new therapy opportunities that we would like to support with plasma ONE.

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